GREIVY is a New York-based lifestyle influencer and entrepreneur with a love for all things bold and glamorous. On a daily basis, the mom of two fills her Instagram feed with a realistic highlight reel of her life—whether that may be a photo of innovative beauty products, a look inside a fashion preview, or a hotel tour from a family travel destination.

Born in the Dominican Republic, Greivy moved to and grew up in Queens, New York. She studied at Baruch College and the Borough of Manhattan Community College with a focus on business administration, math, english, and art. Growing up, she aspired to be a painter, and today, she uses her inner creativity to spot colorful, photogenic places to take snapshots in order to ultimately tell a larger story. 

The mission of Greivy’s platform is to inspire others to rethink the normal standards of beauty in all aspects of life. 

As a body positive woman of color who is bilingual in English and Spanish, Greivy’s style is as unique as her name (pronounced as “Gravy”). She believes life is too short not to wear a pink wig or rock a pair of emerald green sky high heels—as long as you bring a pair of backup sneakers for the commute! She is just as likely to take a photo of her two children, D’Artagnan and Alvieri, as she is to Boomerang the swatching of an eyeshadow palette or film a video of the hottest new restaurant in town. As a foodie at heart and a cocktail aficionado, Greivy also founded @epicure.nyc (which documents dining experiences) with her husband Michael.

Social media started out as a side hobby for Greivy, who began gaining a following for posting her food, travel, and family activity. She later concentrated more on her passion for beauty, and it wasn’t until Lancôme reposted her photo on Instagram in January 2018 that catapulted her into the public eye. She gratefully took it as a calling and began to work tirelessly on her online presence to make it a viable career doing what she loves: sharing all-around lifestyle experiences with a dash of enthusiasm. Since then, Greivy has been featured in Shape magazine, Teen VogueThe CutOK! magazine, Life & Style Weekly, and InTouch Weekly.