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Hello darlings,

Welcome to my lifestyle blog. My name is Greivy [pronounced as “Gravy”] and I am married to my best friend Michael. Together we created the most adorable children, Alvieri and D'Artagnan. I am a lifestyle savvy New Yorker who loves to explore what the best city in the world has to offer.

 Achievements in beauty blogging, Lancome and many more reposts!

Achievements in beauty blogging, Lancome and many more reposts! Achievements In Beauty Blogging - 1.jpg

Yes! Lancome and many more reposts! The title might seem a little strange, but I wanted to take a moment and write this blog to see for myself how much I have accomplished in the last couple of months as a beauty blogger which is my main focus on my Instagram account. Achievements In Beauty Blogging - 3.jpg

I started blogging this past September ’17 with a beauty niche on Instagram, Lifestyle on this platform and Travel, Leisure and Events on my Youtube which was just launched a month ago; and although it has not been long I haven’t felt this kind satisfaction in any kind of “work”  I have ever done. For a very long time amongst my friends, peers and family members, I have been the go to girl for beauty, events, deals, local attractions and travel. And everywhere I went I kept hearing the same question, ” Do you blog?”, “Do you YOUTUBE?”, well you should! And I kept delivering the same answer, “I don’t have time for that!”.

But in reality I was already “Blogging”, documenting, and discovering things that I loved sharing on my socials. I had also been sitting on my domain name since 2009, and as soon as I expressed my desire to kick the blog off to my husband, we got to work! We set some goals and with a lot of trial and error kick off the blog. I am blessed to have such great support from my husband, he truly is a perfectionist and pushes for me to do my best, all the time! And I appreciate my #instagramhubby so much!

This repost I wanted to share with you all,  because it is to remind myself why I love doing what I do. I display it so that I can see how much I’ve accomplished in such a short time. When I work on a campaign, I try my best to create a post representing my vision as well as the brand, and when a brand recognizes your work by liking commenting or posting  my work on their page, I know I did well! Achievements In Beauty Blogging - 1.jpg

A little background on the LANCÔME Repost. Achievements In Beauty Blogging - 4.jpg
I woke up and saw this tag on my instagram feed, I could not believe it!!! There was my photo, in their Instagram page, next to Penelope Cruz!

There was my photo, in their Instagram page, next to Penelope Cruz! I woke my husband to double check if it was true, and it sure was!

I was so happy because Lancome is one of my favorite beauty brands. While I was in college, I had the pleasure of attending a Lancome luncheon for young women in business and that was my dream job to work at Lancome, I was in school for business and my goal was to work HR. It didn’t hurt that it was a beauty company and I was a beauty enthusiast if I may add! Achievements In Beauty Blogging - 5.jpg

Lancome is ICONIC it represents pure elegance, and glamour. To be on their Instagram page means so much to me, and motivates me to keep sharing beauty tips to help other people feel as beautiful and confident as I do when I use my favorite skincare and beauty products. The beauty of the internet!

Chinese New Year ( Lunar New Year ) Year of the Dog

Chinese New Year ( Lunar New Year ) Year of the Dog

Happy New Year, and Keeping Up with Resolutions!

Happy New Year, and Keeping Up with Resolutions!