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Hello darlings,

Welcome to my lifestyle blog. My name is Greivy [pronounced as “Gravy”] and I am married to my best friend Michael. Together we created the most adorable children, Alvieri and D'Artagnan. I am a lifestyle savvy New Yorker who loves to explore what the best city in the world has to offer.

<strong>Celebrating Fall With Cabi Clothing </strong>

Celebrating Fall With Cabi Clothing

Happy FALL! It’s officially the first week of the new season and that means one thing: I'm excited wear more of my pieces from the new Cabi Collection. The temperatures are finally dropping and I'm excited to wear layers again.

Remember this past summer when I had the pleasure of experiencing the Cabi Scoop and fashion show in Nashville? Well, I started to wear some pieces for NYFW, mixing new styles with ones from past collections that are still very much treasured. 

What I love most about Cabi's collections is how seamlessly they work with the pieces I already have in my wardrobe. It's fun to mix and match--after all, there are no rules in fashion!

This past weekend, I stayed out of the city and enjoyed family dinner in Queens. We dined at Daxi Sichuan located in New World Mall. The food was amazing, I enjoyed the lamb chops and the kids had the pickled cucumbers. We finished the meal with the most amazing dessert: a red bean stuffed pear Mochi. It was such a sweet treat!

After dinner, we shopped for some fresh foods to bring home and of course, I picked out some dragon fruit. 

My outfit of the day consisted of the Going Out dress and the Tuesday Topper

On Sunday, we drove upstate to visit my cousins who are having a baby and took a walk around their local park which has the most beautiful harbor full of fish, turtles and crabs. I wore my cozy Highlands cardigan since upstate the weather is always a bit cooler there by the water! 

Fall is only just beginning and I cannot wait to keep styling my Cabi pieces all season. On my calendar next is pumpkin picking! 

What are your favorite fall activities?


Weekend getaway  in George Town, and Washington DC

Weekend getaway in George Town, and Washington DC

<strong>Yoplait: My Kids’ Favorite Back-to-School Snack</strong>

Yoplait: My Kids’ Favorite Back-to-School Snack