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Welcome to my lifestyle blog. My name is Greivy [pronounced as “Gravy”] and I am married to my best friend Michael. Together we created the most adorable children, Alvieri and D'Artagnan. I am a lifestyle savvy New Yorker who loves to explore what the best city in the world has to offer.

Fun & Games: Alvieri’s Adventures with the Turtle Beach Recon 70

Fun & Games: Alvieri’s Adventures with the Turtle Beach Recon 70


This post is sponsored by on behalf of Turtle Beach. As always, opinions are my own.

If there’s one pastime my son Alvieri loves, it’s playing games on his phone. Recently, he started using Turtle Beach’s Recon 70 headset and there’s no looking back to itty bitty earbuds. There’s something about the thrill of a crisp, clear sound that heightens the excitement of a game—after all, the tagline for it is “built for your next victory”. Over the past week, the headset went everywhere with him. Why exactly is it so magical?! Read on, friends:

Versatility at its Best
This model, the Recon 70, is compatible with a bunch of devices: Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, as well as mobiles and tablets. It has a 3.5mm connection to make it easier to toggle between the platforms. Alvieri just entered his teenage phase (hello 13!) and is all about that phone life. As a mom, it’s bittersweet to watch my baby grow up so fast, as you probably know from my Mother’s Day post! His favorite game to play while we’re on the go is Fortnite. 

Comfort is Key
Lately, we’ve been traveling a lot as a family. I’ll be sharing details on our Tulsa getaway soon, and we’re getting ready for the Poconos coming up next! When it comes to trips, no matter how near or far, the commute is always better with some good music. For Alvieri, music is another appeal of the games he plays. An awesome feature of the Recon 70 is its lightweight model and super sharp 40mm speakers. They do the trick of delivering high-quality sound and block outside noise. It’s also comfy for the ears thanks to the synthetic leather cushions.


Crisp, Clear Sounds
Putting on a pair of the gaming headset adds to the illusion of stepping into another world—in this case, a fantasy world with dramatic sounds to go with. On the other end, the mic works wonders as well. Often times Alvieri will play a game with a friend and talk over the mic feature, which easily switches to mute if needed. 

For Everyone
Turtle Beach is known to create products designed for everyone and every age. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gaming pro or a beginner—the Recon 70 is easy (and fun) to use!

We took these photos recently when we visited an amusement park, arcade, and the local park. Wherever Alvieri goes, so does his Turtle Beach Recon 70.


What’s your favorite game to play? Have you tried the Recon 70 yet? Let me know!

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